The Triangle Spokes Group donor luncheon started just 2 years ago as a way to let all of our supporters come and see the amazing sight of all of the bicycles all lined up.  It is a sight to be shared because it is so powerful and is a result of a few working together to help change lives.   This year, we needed to celebrate a Christmas miracle of hitting this new milestone of being able to give away 550 bicycles! This was our largest single donation to date and as of the day of the luncheon we were still several thousand dollars short of having all the bikes paid for.  So it was only logical for us to ask Santa to come spread some Christmas cheer and encourage us all to continue to share the magic!  And Santa agrees that there is nothing like the joy a shiny new bicycle brings to boys and girls!

Here are some pictures from our 2013 Donor Luncheon.

Jenn Ashley Linda and Kristie with Santa 2013 IMG_6079 IMG_6126 IMG_6133 IMG_6134 IMG_6141 IMG_6154

It is easy to be able to be invited to attend- just become a supporter of Triangle Spokes Group and make a tax deductible donation – online or via a check.