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The  children of Winter Song Road regularly can be seen riding on their bikes on the cul-de-sac.  If you were to ask one of them, what they would do if they didn’t have a bike? Or if they could imagine a world with no bikes? You will be met with puzzled faces and frowns.  The children of #WinterSongRoad will fortunately never have to experience life without a bike.  The reality is that there are lots of children right here in the Triangle that will never experience the joy and sense of freedom that a bike can bring.

After talking with a few of the kids on the street they wanted to do something.  So with generous hearts they planned their 1st Annual Sunday-Funday Bike Brigade and Pumpkin Carving.  The kids were to bring their extra change and allowance they had earned to pull together to see if they could raise enough money for 1 bike.  They were so excited about the idea of #KidsHelpingKids and that together children on a mission can help change lives.  No Sunday-Funday would be complete without a lemonade stand and fresh treats baked by the street moms.  As additional incentive for bringing gifts to contribute they could get delicious lemonade and fresh baked treats.  The kids could also bring their pumpkins along with their parents and carve their pumpkins. And just for a little more fun they could also decorate their bikes  to add a little flare as they rode around with their friends.  Here are a few pictures of the fun:

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Collectively the children of #WinterSongRoad raised enough money for 3 shiny new bicycles for Triangle Spokes Group.  What a great example of what a few can do and when you work together great things can happen.  This is a great example of #kidshelpingkids.   Thank you for Pedaling Joy and teaching children the importance of helping others in need and setting a great example for others.

For more ideas of how you can help give back and help fundraising efforts of Triangle Spokes Group, click here.  If you want more information on Triangle Spokes Group check out or email