Check out what a local company here in the Triangle is doing to benefit employees as well as the greater good!

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Hughes, Pittman & Gupton, LLP has a Casual Community Day each month to support an employee-nominated non-profit organization. If an employee’s nominee is chosen, that employee is encouraged to share information about the non-profit with colleagues throughout the month, and on the last Friday of the month, coworkers are asked to make a donation to that cause in order to dress casually for the day. Huge thanks to Jessica Zemonek for the nomination and to all HPG employees who contributed $490 to Triangle Spokes Group in July!

HPG’s Casual Community Day program has raised over $24,000 for various charities over the past four years. Thank you for your generosity!

For ideas of how you and your company can get involved and help check out some of our other fundraising ideas here.  Donations to Triangle Spokes Group can be made online or with checks made payable to Triangle Spokes Group.   To donate now-