Starting tomorrow we are giving away the 550 bikes and helmets that we have worked hard all year to pay for!! It’s the most wonderful feeling to see the surprise and joy on the faces of the parents who are surprised with one of our bikes. THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to make this possible. We are still about $8,000 short of paying for them entirely so please spread the word and ask your family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to help us pedal joy to the Triangle!

In case you’ve missed it, there has been some great media coverage of Triangle Spokes Group lately. The News & Observer ran a photo of our awesome mechanic Zach assembling the bikes as part of their Holiday Faces campaign, found here:

News 14 Carolina ran a great piece leading up to our donor luncheon:

And WRAL’s Bill Leslie featured us in his Good Things segment this past Sunday with special guest, Santa!

We are grateful for the media coverage as it drives awareness of our group and donations to our cause. Please help us spread the word! Thanks!