Thank you to Derick Waller with NBC 17 who took the time to come by the Salvation Army Toy Shop where the bikes were being assembled to see first hand how the bikes are assembled, lined up and given away.  He also quickly saw how much money still needed to be raised to make this all come true for area children! The Triangle Spokes Group has committed to giving away 500 bicycles to area children as part of next week’s Salvation Army Toy Shop.  Bikes are obviously one of the hardest donations to come by, but always a quintessential gift to receive Christmas morning.

Read the full story by clicking here, or you can watch the video below-

Everyone has been so generous with the donations so far, but we aren’t there just yet! If you would like to donate to Triangle Spokes Group you can do so at . Every penny goes to the bikes and the kids! $70 covers the cost of a new bicycle and helmet.

Help us continue to pedal Joy to children in the Triangle for years to come….