3 Great Reasons to Donate This Year – By Nathan Acosta

The festive holiday season is the best time of year to donate to the Triangle Spokes Group. Here are three great reasons to get involved and donate to the organization that gives bikes to local kids on Christmas:

1. Triangle Spokes Group benefits the local community. We often learn about the importance of investing in one’s local economy. Triangle Spokes Group benefits children right here. Make a difference for children who call the triangle home! Triangle Spokes Group receives very few donations from folks who do not live here. Plus, 100% of donations go toward the purchase of new bikes. Our board is completely volunteer and there are no overhead costs!

2. Triangle Spokes Group is a fitness-focused organization. The nation is now faced with an alarming epidemic of childhood obesity, a public health crisis that tends to target lower-income families. In addition to a less healthy and lower quality of life, childhood obesity is now a factor some employers consider when relocating. Childhood obesity has also been identified as a threat to national security due to record low numbers of eligible military applicants. Access to more physical activity can help. Make a donation to Triangle Spokes Group to give a less fortunate child a bicycle he or she can ride everyday and pass on to younger siblings.

3. Triangle Spokes Group can be an educational experience for your family. By donating to Triangle Spokes Group, you can incorporate the values of thankfulness and charity to your children. Extended family and grandparents can also get involved. Make Triangle Spokes Group a new holiday tradition this year. We understand how busy you are and no amount is too small.

Check out this video of how Triangle Spokes Group is helping children get bikes!