Here are a few pictures from this years bike giveaways- these are our favorite days of the year to get to pedal joy to area families! Our volunteers always bring the best energy and excitement to this 3 day event. To learn more about Triangle Spokes Group and how you can donate and get involved check out

Some of our volunteers at the 2019 Triangle Spokes Group Bike Giveaways
The bikes are lined up and ready for this years giveaways!
Jen Jones always gets into the giveaways! Thanks for your energy and excitement every year!
Thank you to our volunteers of this years bike giveaways!
Our volunteers get so into the excitement of giving away new shiny bikes! We are grateful for their time and support
Jenn Nowalk and Ashley Wilson, Co-Founders of Triangle Spokes in a sea of bikes- 13 years of pedaling joy to area children!
Thanks to the Opex team for the continued support! We love having you volunteer with us every year and your corporate sponsorship!
Ashley Wilson and Jenn Nowalk, co-founders of Triangle Spokes Group with Randy Dykes- our long time dedicated volunteer and supporter of TSG! We love you Randy!
Love these ladies and grateful for their help with our bike giveaways every year!