Bike Giveaway

This year we have the goal of 650+ bikes!
The dates and Exact location is still TBD.


2024 Events TBD


If you are interested in hosting an event, choosing TSG to be your event charity or to volunteer for an event please fill out the below form and we will be in touch. Thank you for the consideration.


Triangle Spokes Group awarded 400 elementary school students with bicycles.

The Triangle Spokes Annual Bike Giveaway

Hooray!! This is what we work toward all year long!! In sixteen short years, Triangle Spokes Group has given away over 8,376  bicycles.  That is 8,376  children who had a brighter holiday and a chance to experience the fun and freedom a bike can bring! We could not do it without the generous support of donors, corporations, and events that contribute to the purchase of the new bicycles.  Through a great partnership with Huffy Bicycles, we are able to purchase a new bicycle and helmet for $118.  100% of the donations go toward bike purchases and to the kids.   By teaming up with the Salvation Army, we are able to find the families who will receive the bicycles.  They will not know they will receive a bicycle until they go through the Salvation Army Toy Shop.  The last stop is to TSG where they will find out if they will be going home with one of the most coveted prizes- a brand new bike!

This year the Salvation Army will have over 4,000 families and over 9,000 children who will come to them for help.  The 2024 bike distribution dates this year will be in December with exact days, times and location TBD.  We are awaiting details on volunteer opportunities.  If you would like to consider helping out for 2-4 hour shifts, please contact Jenn at | 919.454.8173

Since we first started, in 2007, we are proud to say that we have been able to collect and donate over:

Bicycles – Triangle Spokes Group awards 400 elementary students with bicycles.

2023 marked the first year that Triangle Spokes Group was able to go to a school and give bikes away to deserving children. Read the story at and check out some of the amazing pictures we were able to capture from this incredible event!

Triangle Spokes Group Donor Appreciation Luncheon & Open House

Our Donor Luncheon & Open House started in 2011 to celebrate 5 years of TSG and when we were able to have the bikes lined up inside the Salvation Army toy shop for the first time. Prior to that, the bikes had always been stored for giveaway in giant tractor trailers and the giveaway occurred outdoors (and in December- that meant frigid temps!). It was a huge accomplishment and sight to be seen having so many new shiny bikes lined up, so Ashley and Jenn sprung into action and quickly planned to have a luncheon to show our appreciation for everyone who has donated and helped make TSG successful. We rented tables and made a home-made spread of goodies. The excitement of seeing all the bikes is just too good not to share so we decided to make it an annual event!

In 2013, we needed some Christmas Magic and nothing short of a Miracle to pull off hitting our goal, so we invited Santa himself to come see all the good that was happening right here in the Triangle! Santa was a hit and had great things to share with all of our donors. We are all believers!

We have been so blessed over the years to be able to bring our donors into the warehouse for a luncheon & open house. The current location we are in unfortunately doesn’t allow for us to do them anymore.

But here is a look back on a few of our past Donor Luncheon & Open Houses for you to see:

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Please feel free to contact the Triangle Spokes Group with any questions, donations, ideas, thoughts or interest in volunteering.

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