Last week my first born decided she wanted to learn to ride her new bike. Twenty minutes later she has pottied, gotten a snack, gotten a drink and was finally all suited up with her helmet and coat. Outside we go!

I guess I should start you at the begining of this bike thing because it wasnt my idea at all. I would have certainly thought she was too young for a bike. Piper is my oldest daughter. Two going on six, but if you ask her she is four years old. Back in June we had taken a family trip to the mecca of Walmart and were getting some items for the yard. We try so hard to avoid the toy section like the plague but some jem of a child had ridden one of the bikes out of the bike section and it was sticking out in the main aisle. ”BIKE!!!!” She screams as she runs off towards the glittering plastic mini mode of transportation. She hops on and can’t touch the petals of course. But she WONT GET OFF. We tried to distract her with other plastic crap and head off to the garden center threatening to leave her in the store. She cries and cries and we had to whip out that hairy eyeball and famous mom glare to get her to cut it out. She begs and begs for a bike.

My husband and I do that thing where you and your spouse have an entire conversation using your eyes but no words while hovering just above your kids head. You see…. Piper’s birthday was just a few weeks away (late August). We decide she may as well get one then so we walk her around trying her on different sizes and checking out the bikes. She ALMOST fits on the smallest 12” wheel with training wheels. It just happens to be Hello Kitty. It is love at first site… for Piper AND for mom. Im pretty sure i cried right there in the store at the site of my independant little girl growing up right before my eyes and on her first set of wheels. So fast forward to her birthday. After a party at the zoo and enough cupcakes to crack out a whole preschool, we ride in her new little bike with a bow on it. She absolutely lights up. It was a precious moment i will always remember. But not every parent is as blessed as we are and is able to do what we were able to do and give their child a bike. But EVERY kid should have the experience that Piper got (at the ripe old age of two) …. getting a new shiney bike of your very own. Wont you help a child feel that joy? Help us give some new bikes!!!!Of course five minutes after Piper got her bike her Godparents gave her a freaking HORN! Whosoever hates their friend just give their kids a real old school bike horn. For twenty minutes she sat on her bike and AOUGAed the horn. When we tried to get her off to go outside and learn to ride the darn thing she fell off it and scraped her arm on the petal and then refused to get back on it. So, for the last two months it has sat in our garage mostly. The little kitty pouch that came in the front of it has become a holding place for her rock collection, dead leaves, some goldfish, and a small plastic Strawberry Shortcake Happy Meal toy. Until last week. Now she wants to ride……To be continued.