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About The Triangle Spokes Group

We hope this visit to our site finds you having a great 2024! Can you believe that Triangle Spokes Group is kicking off its 17th year, and thanks to so many generous and thoughtful givers, we have given away over 8,376 bikes to Triangle children?  In an effort to work on fundraising all year long and not just during the holiday season, we need your continued support in making this another successful year!

Triangle Spokes Group is a nonprofit organization that distributes new bicycles and helmets to less fortunate families during the holiday season.  100% of all donations go to the bikes and kids!  We partner with the Salvation Army of Wake County to distribute the bicycles in time for the holiday season.  This year we have a goal of donating 650+ new youth bicycles to area families.  The Salvation Army is expecting to have over 4000 families and 9000 children come to them for help this year in Wake County alone! These numbers continue to climb year after year!  There is such a need and we need your help to make it happen!

For decades, the quintessential gift to receive on Christmas morning for children of all ages has been a shiny new bike.  Triangle Spokes Group is excited about the idea of carrying on this tradition in the Triangle and making the holidays brighter for local children.

100% of the money donated to the Triangle Spokes Group goes directly toward the purchase of bicycles and helmets.  All administrative fees and overhead costs are covered by the founding members of the Triangle Spokes Group on a personal basis.  Gifts of $25, $50, and $100+ can add up quickly!  Each assembled bike and helmet cost $118.

We accept online donations OR you can mail a check payable to the Triangle Spokes Group to the following address:

Triangle Spokes Group
Attn: Ashley Wilson DeWeese
725 Manchester Drive
Raleigh, NC 27609

Donations can be made in honor or in memory of someone special.  Please continue to visit our website for more information to receive a special gift card, track our progress, check out the latest events and happenings, become a fan of the Triangle Spokes Group on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Thanks in advance for your generosity and support! We look forward to another fantastic record breaking year of pedaling joy with your help!  Please also consider sharing Triangle Spokes Group with your friends, family, co-workers and encourage everyone to join in on the cause!

With warmest regards,

Jenn  &  Ashley
enn Nowalk and Ashley Wilson DeWeese, Co-Founders
Triangle Spokes Group
Jenn: 919-454-8173
Ashley: 919-539-2238

The Triangle Spokes Group Team

Ashley Wilson


Co-founder of Triangle Spokes Group, Ashley Wilson is passionate about children and creating an outlet to give back in the community.  The unique approach to making sure all children have that sense of freedom that we all got when we rode away on our very first bike was the vision that Jenn Nowalk and Ashley Wilson had in February of 2007 at the inception of Triangle Spokes Group.  The group strives to Pedal Joy to each and every child in the Triangle.Currently Ashley Wilson serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors.  Her involvement in the group is just as much if not more than day one.  Although more supporters have joined the cause and the Board of Directors has grown, her passion still runs deep and hands on involvement in events, fundraising, and planning is just as important as when it was a two man shop.

“This is my outlet to children in our community.  After teaching in public schools, I know the need for giving on all different levels.  Necessities are met through many organizations, and it is my mission to make sure that children get to play- Play on a BIKE-We Pedal Joy to the Triangle!”

Jenn Nowalk


As an integral part of the organization, Jenn Nowalk’s main focus is to raise money, make connections, network and establish relationships in order to gain donations and awareness to increase the number of bicycles the Triangle Spokes Group will distribute to underprivileged children.

“I think it is important to give back to your community and especially children. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my siblings and I riding around the neighborhood on our bikes….there was just such a sense of freedom and pride of ownership that I think that all children should have.  It is a great way for them to get out and explore, as well as be creative with their friends.”



Rich Nowalk

Rich works to build relationships in the Triangle community and surrounding businesses to help the Triangle Spokes Group reach their annual goals.

“I think it is so important to give back and get involved in the communities we all live in. The Triangle Spokes Group has allowed us to meet so many great partners, donors, families and most importantly put smiles on the faces of children every year. To me that it is what it is all about – the Smiles!!”

Allison Breeding

Allison is a long time supporter of Triangle Spokes Group. Wanting to get involved and help out, Allison manages all of our book-keeping and thank you cards for TSG. Allison is very organized and gets things done. As a mother of 2 young girls she know the joy a bike can bring and wants to bring joy to many children in the Triangle that can’t help themselves.

Randy Dykes

Randy has a passion for helping others. Whether it be setting up for races, volunteering time to help out at events, or spreading the word about a great organization. Randy teamed up with TSG after the 1st Annual LoneRider Kick-off the Holidays event because he did such a great job of working the door, we knew we needed him on our team. Randy serves on the board and handles much of the brewery events- Crank Arm, New Beligum Tour De Fat details and LoneRider Kick off the Holidays parties.

Lacy Bailey

Lacy Bailey comes to TSG as an extra pair of hands eager to help out! Always ready for fundraising and manual labor at our awesome events, she brings a creative light to the team!

“I am so blessed to be a part of such a worthy cause and great team! I look forward to helping give a record number of bikes away (every year) to great kids and I want my own kids to see what an awesome thing it is to give to others!”

Mike Williamson

Mike comes to the TSG team as an online assistant keeping the TSG site fresh and clean! Mike has a passion for wanting to help people and doing whatever it takes to further the cause of TSG!

“Just seeing the smiles on the families faces when they show up to pick up their bikes is all I need. There is no greater joy then knowing you gave joy to someone else”

Charlotte Spokes Group

Charlotte Spokes Group

In 1994, two local businessmen realized the need a lot of families experience at Christmas and asked themselves what they could do to help. Their conclusion was to challenge one another to raise enough money to purchase bicycles.

Those bikes would be donated to The Salvation Army in Charlotte and distributed to local less fortunate children through the Christmas Bureau.  For many of these children their single wish was a brand new bicycle.

The first year, 17 bicycles were purchased from the fundraiser and enhanced 17 families’ Christmas.  The businessmen’s efforts increased from a month long project to a year-round project to raise enough money to make as many children as possible happier during the Christmas season.  In 28 years, The Spokes Group had given away 55,000 bikes. At an average of $85 per bike, that represents $4,675,000. For the most part this has been in $10, $20, $70 and $85 donations by a LOT of supportive, loyal, and very generous folks.

To learn more about the founders and the original Spoke Group go to www.thespokesgroup.com .

Get in Touch. Get Involved.

Please feel free to contact the Triangle Spokes Group with any questions, donations, ideas, thoughts or interest in volunteering.


(919) 454-8173